Possible brief for a full campaign that aims to give a new makeover through the Skoda Yeti compact SUV.
Consequent to the name of the car, everything revolves around the image of the legendary snows of man.
A poster to be exhibited in major Italian cities in the first phase of “guerrilla”, a fake warning (that it looks like real) Yeti sighting with the aim of attracting people and media and to spread the Internet address that displays a countdown.
At the end of phase teasering web, we publish a web site that wants to collect the energy of young artists from disparate disciplines, create a contest that involves web users who will vote on the favorites that will be selected for an event / exhibition live supported by Nissan, with dj, gadgets (big hands and rubbery hairy yeti, key chains, t-shirts, etc …) and everything that can run a big event. First of all: custom live painting of a Skoda Yeti.? Prize for the artist who “leave the best impression” car.
The event attended by the top rated + guest artists.
In parallel action through guerrilla-shaped stickers footprint, strengthen the strategy to amplify the degree of curiosity.
In addition, a number of viral online, TV commercials and magazine printing and posting of the Yeti, whose protagonists in contemporary urban situations involving automobiles and humans.
(inspiration: “Harry and the Hendersons” film of 1988, USA)

Matteo Zanatta © 2013







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