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Art direction | Graphic Design | Illustration | Public relations

Shitty Sheep
A virtual underground art magazine

Is the 2006 when it comes out a very original, a self-production made and packaged in a workmanlike manner by two almost unknown, little more than vent’enni, that in a little while will do much talking throughout Italy: Fure Boccamara and Cloud .
The two meet for the common interests (urban culture-writing-design-art-music) and decided to create a “container” that encloses itself, all the passions and cultural currents which are fascinated and influenced and who live for several years. They are firmly convinced that Italy lacks a “contact” between major groups / current artistic and creative, and that art is a means of expression capable of transforming garbage more gray in color good to improve the world. After a hard work of concept, graphic design, programming, public relations and promotion (all 4 hands!), The two give birth to a cd-rom self-produced, fresh, innovative, professional and brave, containing more than 60 artists known and unknown: Italian exponents, (some foreign), of different disciplines such as graphic design, illustration, photography, video, music of various kinds, aerosol art and graffiti etc … Video, images and music together in a single product, created by desire to “exist” two young men with dreams and talent and needs too strong to be contained or repressed and an open mind and perhaps too “forward” to a “old and rusty”.
ShittySheep, literally “sheep shit,” because it reflects the degradation and falsehood illusionist in the world today. From a distance it may seem like a sweet pink sheep lost, but just to see us focus more hidden creature treacherous and evil, corrupt and rotten soul. ShittySheep is the image of a snowman to beat stress, destroy, chew, reduce to a pulp, ideal for daily romp. Represents the positive thinking of those who do not want to subvert the rules in a destructive manner, but makes creativity a strong point from which to build a better future, more flexible and more colorful, to produce energy to overcome all difficulties and injustice in everyday life.
ShittySheep is the first Italian magazine of underground art in cd-rom.
With an output / test self-produced, received praise from many artists and journalists, users and aficionados of all kinds, raising the interest of well-known e-zine and national magazines such as Groove, Basement, Mood Magazine, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Computer Arts, Pig, etc. … In many of which have been published in articles and reviews.
(Some of the names in ShittySheep: Wany, Shocca, Mistaman, Frank Siciliano, Esa, Inoki, Medda, Shezan The Ragio, Bean One, Risk, Webster, Giuann Shadai, Amari, Scuola Furano, Daniele Cascone, etc …)

Matteo Zanatta © 2013

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