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Saturday, December 13, 2008 – h 19:00
Saturday hip hop fever
Back the event dedicated to Hip Hop music store Sorrymama sponsored by the young entrepreneur Camilla Cianfrone: double date in Padua and Rosà
At 19 stores in the square of San Nicolò di Camilla Cianfrone, young entrepreneur and designer of the brand Go Go Dolls and Guys, will host the young artists of which will be available to fans for autographs, before reaching the Via Vinyl Club Captain Alessio 94 Rosà for the evening concert. It starts at 23 with Maximum Takenza, a band founded in 2006 that offers a live varied, exciting and full of new records and mixtapes. Fure Boccamara, illustrator and rapper, after a short performance wear as presenter in an alternating voices of the Truce Klan of Rome, whose latest compilation ‘Ministry of Hell’, boasts one of the protagonists of the well-known names such as Italian rap scene Club Dogo and Fabri Fibra. From the ‘Klan Roman’ performances of Noyz Narcos, Italian writer in the rap world from the age of 15 years and a member of the Roman TruceBoys, Duke Montana and Dj Gengis Khan. Dj Lou Chano will liven up the evening in style underground which aims to promote young emerging voices in the world of hip hop, in line with the philosophy of the brand Go Go Dolls and Guys: a simple and recognizable brand, designed and created by young people for young people.

PROJECT: Event / Flyer / Poster
CLIENT: Sorrymama Shop
DATE: 2008

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