Do you think that you’re cool?
Art direction | billboard

Client: ADMO.
Development: Press campaign | billboard.
Objective: To sensitize as many people, especially youth, to donate bone marrow and save lives.
Discussion: The brief requires awareness of young people in particular, shifting the meaning of the myth to follow. The cool is no longer the one who takes drugs, wearingfashionable, successful and rich, but those who donate bone marrow, and is idolizedby the “pack” like a rock star.
I wanted to use images of “passed” myths (Hulk Hogan, Fonzie, etc …), themyths (Hulk Hogan, Fonzie, etc …), the figure of the macho, than cool, it’s outdated, almost ridiculous.
You’ve already played all the cards to be cool, now gives the bone, times have changed!
The campaign is deliberately takes seriously but with a veil of irony, since the use of the characters a bit ‘on the edge of reality.

Matteo Zanatta © 2013 – All Rights Reserved


It’s All Matter
Art direction | On-line advertising

Client: We Bank.
Development: On-line Advertising.
Objective: To entice more people to become potential customers of most italian on-line bank “We Bank”, by passing the concept that is “It’s All Matter”.
Discussion: We Bank is internet banking since 1999 and offers several online services, for which the circuit of customers is young, certainly not the closed minded “Mr. Smith”. I thought of a pop-up banner that is browsing different sites. The main protagonist of this, is a fat and surreal woman (“big mama” style), dressed ostentatiously, with funny personality and trash dancing so wild and embarrassing in a “sexy car washing style”. Above a text inviting you to click to become too “all matter”. Clicking takes you to a page where you can upload pictures of your face, through an automatic process, the figure is adjusted to a very fat dancing in situations and locations sweetened up. The movie / animation you can post directly to Facebook and other social networks and of course send them by email. Whit this idea you can imagine a kind of extraction, which provides premium benefits or travels with We Bank…

Matteo Zanatta © 2013 – All Rights Reserved


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