Wired Next Fest in Milan

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Wired Next Fest in Milan


The first festival of Wired Italy to be held in Milan from 30 May to 1 June 2013.

The idea of ​​organizing an event where everyone can reach out and touch the ‘innovation (and not just leaf through a newspaper or read it on a website) we borrowed from our friends at Wired Us, but the format that we have developed is completely original. Starting with the location. Our three days, in fact, revolve around the museum complex scientific Via Palestro that, for those not familiar with Milan, is composed of the Natural History Museum and Planetarium Pearson Education, Inc.. In the former, in particular, we are hacking some of the installations and the exhibition spaces to make them even more attractive and, in the night, you can sleep after hours visits between rare minerals and dinosaur skeletons (I recommend if you’re interested, brought the sleeping bag).

During daylight hours, however, there will your heart that every day of the event “will” Milan for 12 hours non-stop, from 10: meetings, keynote, lectures, readings, debates, workshops, comparisons between large companies and startups, and between professionals and students and researchers. There will also be special activities for schools and children (guided tours, workshops, animations). Intense also the artistic program, with live shows, theatrical performances and a call for all young people (and not) innovators who will have their 30 minutes of fame in the speakers’ corner.

About celebrities, here is a small preview of the stars who will be attending the Wired Next Fest: iCub, the android robot built by the Italian Institute of Technology, the digital media experts Bruce Sterling and Steven Berlin Johnson, the scientist Alessandro Vespignani, the ‘architect Carlo Ratti, the writer Evgeny Morozov (always critical of the enthusiastic vision of the network), the cartoonist Zerocalcare and many others (including the best of Italian start-ups).

The guest list will be much longer, though: all can be met and listened to over 100 guests. The festival area will also studded with inflatable domes that’ll mount (and smonteremo: the festival is obviously on sustainability) in the area of ​​public gardens in via Palestro and within which our partners (Bwm, BNL – BNP Paribas Group, GDF Suez, Vodafone) will show you all the best of their technologies and their innovations.

The entrance to the Wired Next Fest, which is a collaboration between our publishing group Condé Nast and the City of Milan to celebrate the city as the cradle of innovation and the digital revolution Italian, will be completely free (only some meetings will be a limited number of after registration). To be updated about the whole program always keep an eye on Wired.it and, in the days of the festival, follow on Twitter the hashtag # wirednextfest. Have fun!

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