Back to the Future 2 – The gathering

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Back to the Future 2 – The gathering

In 1989 I was still living in the old house, my mother still preparing the snack and I was the bed and, probably, I began to learn the multiplication tables đŸ™‚
25 years later, in addition to having moved house I also changed the city, are much more self-sufficient and I do not remember the multiplication tables : D
But what unites these two annatte so far, in addition to being an ass at math?
” Time travel is too dangerous … it’s better that I devote to study the other great mystery of the universe … WOMEN ! “
Yes, 25 years ago came to the cinema Back to the Future 2, and five years later I have the chance to see the movies !
The second chapter of the trilogy that made ​​history thanks to the exceptional director Robert Zemeckis and the unforgettable portrayal of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd , on the occasion of the second largest gathering Italian .
Look at the list of films that participate in the event:—Il-raduno.asp


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